Overview of Events

A variety of Local, Regional and National Events are run during the season. Eligibility for the event depends on your membership type as follows. 

Events for Social Members:

Weekly Club Nights

Club Championships - held at the end of each season 

Events for Competitive Members;

The above Events, plus:

Interclub - a series of 6 events held at a variety of locations in the Wellington/Wairarapa Region (age 7-15 years)

Medal Day - End of January in Wellington (age 7-15 years)

Ribbon Day - Waitangi Day, Paraparaumu (age 7-15 years)

National events  - Popular national competitions include:Colgate Games (age 7-14), Athletics NZ Champs (Youth, Jnr Adult, Senior) and the NZ Classic Series (Youth, Jnr Adult, Senior).

Children's Interclub Competitions (for competitive members aged 7-15yrs)THE INTERCLUB PROGRAM FOR 2022/23 SEASON WILL BE UPDATED AS SOON AS ITS AVAILABLE

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Detailed Interclub Programme available  Click here ​​​​​​​

The dates for the junior interclub's, Wellington Junior Champs, and other events for 7 to 15-year-olds this season are:

Interclub 1:  Sunday 6th November at Newtown Park - start time 10 am

Interclub 2:  Sunday 20th  November at Newtown Park - start time 10 am

Interclub 3:  Sunday 27th November  at Newtown Park - start time 10 am

Interclub 4:  Sunday 18th December - at Newtown Park - start time 10 am

North Island Colgate Games:  Friday 6th to Sunday 8th January at Cooks Gardens, Whanganui  

South Island Colgate Games:  Friday 13th to Sunday 15th January at Timaru

Lower Hut Medal Day:   23rd January -  Hutt Recreation Ground (events also for Under 7s as well) - start time 10 am with registrations from 9 am 

Ribbon Day:   6th February at Aorangi Domain, Paraparaumu  -  Events for 5's to 13-year olds

Interclub 5:  Sunday 12 February at Newtown Park - start time 10 am

Interclub 6:  Sunday 26 February at Newtown Park - start time 10 am

Wellington Junior Champs:   Day 1  Sunday 12th March Newtown Park - start time 9.00am

Wellington Junior Champs:   Day 2  Sunday 19h March Newtown Park - start time 9.00am

Sunday26th March Reserve day for Wellington Junior Champs 

​​​​​​​What are Interclubs?

Interclubs are a series of competitions held throughout the season (as well as a Ribbon Day, and a Medal Day) which are hosted by the various children's clubs in the Greater Wellington region.Interclubs allow the children to meet and compete with children from the other clubs of the same age grade in a variety of events.The interclub's are aimed at athletes aged between 7 – 15 yrs, and individual results are recorded and placings earn points towards Interclub Individual and Team trophies at the end of the season.It's not compulsory to attend, nor is it compulsory to compete in every event if you do attend, but we encourage our athletes to all compete in Interclubs to put their club day experience into action.  This allows our athlete's results to be officially recorded and they can track their personal progress over the season - it also allows us to identify the potential trophy winners for our "most improved athlete awards".

Please note to compete in the junior interclub competition you must be a financial competitive member aged 7 to 15 years as of the 31st December 2022

To register please click on the link below for the Interclub season entry: https://forms.gle/xYuFZvaMeMHm2qUUA

Athlete registrations must be entered by 11:59 pm on a Wednesday prior to the Interclub competition. 

Note 1:  The process will show an event entry for a 100m race.  Register for this regardless of whether your child wants to compete in the 100m.

This is just a “dummy” to get your registration processed.  

You will now be in the system and your athlete can compete in all the interclub events that they are eligible to compete in.   You just turn up on the day and have fun.

Note 2:  You will only need to register once for the entire season of six interclub competition.

Ribbon and Medal Days are similar to an interclub except that the first 3 placegetters are awarded either a ribbon or a medal.  Medal Day has a limit of 4 events per athlete, and you will be required to registered for the events you choose from the list of available events.  A program will be published closer to the time of the event on the newsletters page.Please note that club uniform (club singlet with Blue or Black shorts) and age patches must be worn during competition.All athletes and their families are encouraged to attend these interclub's and as in past seasons, where numbers and circumstances permit, we will endeavor to provide transport to and from the venues.Start time for each interclub is 10.00 am unless otherwise stated and they normally run through to around 2.00 pm with each age group having 5 or 6 events to compete in.  Ribbon day at Paraparaumu will start at 9.30 am and will continue until later into the afternoon.

Wellington Events Schedule


EVENT PROGRAMMESThe approved list of Senior Track & Field meetings for the 2022 – 2023 season is at the following linkAW Senior Track & Field Event Calendar 2022 – 2023 Updated 13 October

 Click Here


The 2022 (2023) NZMA National Track & Field Championships – Wellington from 2 to 4 December 2022 

CLICK HERE to view DRAFT PROGRAMME as prepared for MARCH 2022 (Not expected to change) 

ONLINE ENTRIES are NOW OPEN:  https://nzma2022dec.eventdesq.com/

PLEASE NOTE:  We are waiting on a NEW entry system to be created before we can open online entries.  This is expected to be completed by mid-October.

Recently it has been confirmed that Athletics New Zealand 2023 & 2024 Championships will be held in Wellington.  Consequently, it is not practical to host the NZMA Championships one week earlier.  The Wellington Masters Centre had successfully acquired local funding for the March 2022 event, and this funding has been carried over to the new date.  Looking at the fullness on the calendar during February / March, the December date was the only practical option.  

Senior Track and Field Meets

A series of Senior Interclubs, Grand Prix and Regional Interclubs are held for senior athletes (Grades: U16, U18, U20, Seniors and Masters).

Program runs October - March

More details are available here.

Club Champs 2022/2023

Our Club Champs are held in Feb/March at the end of each Season.

They are held over 4 weeks.

All Club Members can participate.

The results are used to determine placings for individual events.

Certificates and Trophies are awarded for the top athletes at our end of year prize giving.

We can only do this if we have enough parents at each event to help.

Interclub Events

Interclub events are for Competitive members aged 7-15.

Interclub competitions are a series of 6 events run over the course of the season at a variety of locations in Wellington and Wairarapa.

They run between November and late February.

Refer to the events calendar for specific dates and locations for this year.

National Events

National Events can only be entered by Competitive Members.

Popular events include:

Colgate Games - For ages 7-14

Held annually in January in the North Island and South Island - the exact location varies from year to year.This season the locations are Auckland and Timaru 

NZ Track and Field Champs - Youth, Jnr Adult, Seniors

Held annually in March - the exact location varies from year to year. Qualification standards must be met to attend. 

NZ Athletics Masters - Masters

Held annually the exact location varies from year to year.

Further details of all events can be found here.